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BI-MOB and Unifret International Group: New Partnership for Global Transport

We are excited to announce the new partnership with Unifret International Srl, a historic freight forwarder in operation since 1987.

Unifret International, which also owns Unifret Toscana Srl, specializing particularly in imports to Italy, boasts an aggregated turnover of approximately 25 million euros and has forty employees divided between the headquarters in Segrate and branches in various Italian cities: Florence, Rome, Turin, and Bologna.

Unifret positions itself as a significant player in the national logistics landscape.

Francesco Bernasconi, CEO di Unifret

Dr. Bernasconi, CEO of Unifret, emphasizes the importance of maritime transport in their business:

“Our core business is sea and air shipments worldwide, with maritime shipments accounting for about 65% of our total activity.”

With this partnership, BI-MOB further strengthens the offerings of its Etrucknet marketplace with maritime and air transport services for import/export to any global destination.

trasporto marittimo
trasporto marittimo, cargo container

Fabiano Palamara, CEO of BI-MOB, expresses confidence in the growth trajectory and the ability to meet the needs of both parties:

“Although starting from the ground up, we are confident that we can embark on a path that will yield interesting results. This partnership will not only allow us to expand our capabilities but will also enable us to achieve new milestones, increasing value for the benefit of our user community.”

Fabiano Palamara (CEO) BI-MOB

Operations are scheduled to begin by the end of the current month.