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Disruptive Innovation and Sustainability at the Heart of Logistics. Transforming Freight Mobility with Cutting-Edge Solutions.

We boast numerous high-level technical partnerships.

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Our Values

The Foundations for Futuristic Logistics

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Through constant creativity and research, we develop cutting-edge solutions

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We integrate state-of-the-art technologies to provide solutions, anticipating the needs of the market

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Create connections, ideas, and technologies to foster limitless collaboration

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We work tirelessly to optimize processes and resources, ensuring operational efficiency

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We develop sustainable solutions, contributing to shaping a better future and world

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Chi Siamo

The Foundations for Futuristic Logistics

BI-MOB, an innovative technology company specializing in advanced digital technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in B2B freight mobility. The recent acquisition of the Etrucknet marketplace is part of a broader development plan.


Companies already rely on our solutions.

Innovative Solutions for Logistics

Connect, Predict, Transform

Our services are designed to meet the needs of businesses involved in B2B logistics. We offer innovative solutions that embrace advanced technologies, from proactive management to supply chain connectivity.

Supply Chain Connectivity
Collaborative Network
Development of Advanced Digital Technologies
Customized Interfaces
Proactive and Predictive Management
Marketplace Acquisition and Integration
Business Intelligence and Data Analysis
Sustainability Consulting
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Rivoluziona la Tua Mobilità

Innovazione nella Logistica Intelligente

Explore the future of freight mobility with advanced solutions. Our solutions set a new standard in B2B logistics. Discover how we can guide you to success in your logistics journey.

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Cutting-Edge Platforms

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Intuitive Apps
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Digital Solutions
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Advanced Connectivity

Our Green Footprint in Logistics

Towards a Future of Eco-Responsible Transportation

We actively engage in promoting sustainability in freight mobility. From reducing emissions to ecologically managing the supply chain, discover the innovative solutions that are redefining the concept of environmental efficiency in the B2B logistics landscape.

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