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Exploring the Roots of Essence: “U SPIRITARU” with BI-MOB

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The BI-MOB team is gearing up for a unique and engaging experience: “U SPIRITARU,” an exclusive event dedicated to culture, enhancement, and CSR.

On February 4, 2024, at 09:30, we will immerse ourselves in tradition in Gallico (RC), where we will have the honor of visiting the Amodeo brothers, the last ‘spiritari’ preserving the ancient art of extracting bergamot essence.

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The cultivation of the bergamot plant in the picturesque region of Reggio dates back to the 17th century, and during our visit, we will have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of this unique citrus, blending flavors of lemon, lime, and bitter orange.

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But the experience goes beyond mere observation. In the true spirit of CSR, we are exploring ways to actively support this ancient tradition.

During the visit, we will examine the possibility of contributing to the enhancement of this activity, both in terms of visibility and in creating an offer focused on promoting the bergamot attraction.

The precious and versatile bergamot essence finds applications in the perfume, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Its unique characteristics are also appreciated by some members of our team, who are eager to explore this fascinating part of our cultural history.

You are all invited to participate in “U SPIRITARU.” And if you wish to extend the invitation to someone special, let us know in advance to ensure an unforgettable visit.

See you in Gallico, to celebrate the tradition and culture that make our region unique!